3 Ideas for All-Hands Meetings They Won't Soon Forget

Cookie-cutter all-hands meetings are relics of the past. In this new normal of fast-paced, ever-evolving business landscapes, your team craves more than updates and announcements. They’re looking for connection. Inspiration. A shared vision that transcends the mundane. Plus some fun, too. From an all-hands meeting? Why not? We get all that and more from ours. You can, too. Here are our tried and tested ways of getting your team on target with all-hands that truly resonate.

1. Take it Offsite

A change of scenery can significantly impact your team's perspective and openness to new ideas. Consider taking the group to a private estate for the day. This setting provides a confidential space to deliver your message, followed by a relaxed environment where the team can mingle, share ideas, and enjoy food and drinks. Alternatively, rent a private room at a nearby baseball stadium. Deliver your message pre-game, then join together to cheer on both your company and the home team.

Deep Dive: Enhance the offsite experience with team-building activities that leverage the unique location. For example, at a private estate, you could organize a scavenger hunt or a series of team challenges that encourage collaboration and creativity. At the baseball stadium, consider arranging a behind-the-scenes tour or a meet-and-greet with a player to make the event even more special.

2. Cocktail Hour — Bring the Bar Home

Inject some fun into your all-hands by hiring an offsite bartender to serve cocktails before, after or even during your all-hands — no judgement here. In the Bay Area, near Metavent HQ, there are incredible artisan mixologists who can create unique and memorable experiences at any time. We've also travelled far and wide (enough) across the States to know there's an incredible mixologist near you, wherever you may be. All of them help your team relax and mingle for a moment before you kick off the presentation. Or kick back after it's done.

Deep Dive: Customize the cocktail hour to reflect your company culture and values. Try adding a playful element by hiding a frozen toy in an ice cube and whoever gets the toy wins an on-the-spot bonus. Want to go all in? Naming the cocktails after your key initiatives for the year is another fun way to build excitement around the presentation and your business goals. If you want to splash out, incorporate interactive elements like a DIY cocktail station where team members can create their own versions of your signature drink for the night.

3. Reality Work Place

Take inspiration from popular reality TV shows to create a fun and competitive atmosphere. For instance, mimic the format of "Chopped." Purchase a random assortment of items for a mystery basket and have two teams compete to create the best dish. Award an attention grabbing prize like a new iPad, smartphone, or gift certificate to a restaurant everyone's talking about. Draw names randomly to ensure the judges and teams include members from various departments, encouraging unexpected groups to work (and bond) together.

Deep Dive: If preparing food isn’t feasible in your event space, adapt the concept to a cocktail competition. Teams can compete to create the best cocktail (including a mocktail option) using a set of mystery ingredients. Enhance the experience by inviting a local mixologist to judge the competition and provide tips and tricks. This interactive approach fosters team bonding and creativity. Plus, it's a whole lot of fun and what better reason is there?

Out of the Box and Back to the Details

Creating an Inclusive Environment: Ensure your all-hands meeting activities cater to all team members by providing diverse options. It's a golden rule to consider dietary restrictions, physical abilities, and personal preferences when planning events of any kind. Inclusivity enhances engagement and ensures everyone feels valued and involved. More value delivers better outcomes, no matter which way you look at it.

Leveraging Technology for Engagement: However many hands there are at your next all-hands, you want the same interactive ingredients served during the event: live polling, Q&A sessions, and feedback forms. All of which keep your audience engaged and gather valuable insights. Thing is, how do you capture all the data quickly, successfully and thoughtfully? It's a lot of simple things stitched together. Try event management software to streamline logistics and enhance communication—Eventbrite can help manage RSVPs, send reminders, and provide attendees with necessary information about the what, where, when and even the why, if you like. If you're working on a larger scale, use Zapier to connect Eventbrite to your HubSpot. Or not—Zapier connects with (just about) every SaaS product you can name at this point. So you can automate and upscale (almost) any digital action across your business.

Post-Event Follow-Up: Follow up after the all-hands with a detailed summary and action items. Send out surveys to gather feedback and understand what resonated with the team. Use this information to continuously improve future all-hands meeting and ensure they are even more impactful. The simple truths to successful engagement remain as true as ever. Most people in most places are only too happy to tell you what they think. As long as they feel safe and encouraged to do so.

Need More Tips?

Planning an engaging and memorable all-hands meeting requires creativity and strategic know how. If you need more tips or guidance, let's chat! The team at Metavent only ever creates unforgettable experiences—tailored to your company’s unique culture and needs.

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