Customer Events that Leave a Lasting Legacy

We craft authentic, heartfelt customer conferences that drive growth, amplify connection and boost your bottom line

The True Power of Customer Events

We amplify human connection to transform your customer events and relationships

More Than a Logo

Ditch one-way streets and closed curtain thinking for brave and authentic experiences that showcase your heart and soul.

Real-World Impact

Transforming your products and services from features on a screen to tangible experiences they'll remember and cherish.

Ignite Their "Wow!"

Experiences so personal and profoundly resonant that your customers become steadfast champions of your brand.

Escape The Monotony Trap


Trust, Not Gimmicks

Forget scripted interactions, forced smiles, flashy giveaways and empty promises. We help forge VIP customer experiences built on trust, authenticity, and connection that resonates.

Show Them You Care

We tailor every aspect of customer conferences to your audience's desires and aspirations. They won't just know your product; they'll feel its impact, its ability to solve their problems and enhance their lives.

Embrace the Buzz

It's not just about showcasing features; user conferences are about creating emotional touchpoints. Our immersive activities and personalized touches keep your customers glued to the action.

Spark Something Deeper

Ditch the tired product demos and dry presentations. We help you craft captivating customer experiences that ignite curiosity, spark connection and leave them yearning for more.

Step Out With Confidence

Entering a new market is like stepping onto a new stage. We help choreograph your debut into a standing ovation, turning the unknown into the unforgettable.

No More Empty Promises

You've probably poured your trust into a churn-and-burn event agency before... ready for radical transparency? We don't do smoke and mirrors, just honest conversations and shared vision.

We Believe You Deserve

An events team that operates like a seamless extension of your own. Who ask the right questions and truly listen, so that ultimately YOUR vision is realized. Working as one to achieve the goals in a collaborative, joyful manner.

Your Time Is Worth More Than Money

We understand the pressure you’re under to deliver the most extraordinary customer experience possible, on time and on budget. Everything we do ensures your customer conference unfolds with precision, grace and joy. Turning your tradeshow into a living, breathing narrative of connection!
White-glove customer events aligned to your vision.
Promises made and kept with joy — every time.
Our tenacious approach gets results you deserve.
Focus on the big stuff while we take care of the rest.
We're so full of passion, we sparkle.
Let's Create

Rewriting the Customer Events Rulebook

How to deliver a customer conference your users will remember forever? We leverage years of experience in corporate organizations, tech and private equity to deliver 6-star CX at every touchpoint. From large-scale corporate user conferences to VIP customer experiences, Metavent aligns users with your mission like never before.
We are constant creators. We push boundaries.
Inspire and align your team, regardless of the group size.
Boost engagement through inventive experiences.
Events so full of heart, work transforms from duty to passion.
Work with a team that operates like an extension of your own.
Let's Create

Easy as 1, 2, 3

How we make the daunting doable, the overwhelming effortless, and the complex beautifully simple...

Free 50min Consult

More than a meeting; we transform your event into a landmark experience.

Detailed Proposal

Where every element, from the subtle to the striking, finds its perfect place.

White Glove, High Touch

It's never about ticking boxes; every detail matters and each guest is a star.

Our Clients
Voices of our valued partners

Your experience with Metavent matters to us. It’s your voices that help us improve, inspire us to innovate, and allow us to continue creating unforgettable events. Here’s what some of our esteemed clients have to say about their partnership with Metavent.
Director, Marketing Programs
Partnering with Metavent allows our in-house event team to scale up or scale down with seamless support for any of our large-scale events as macro climate impacts take effect on our event strategy.  Their roaster of senior event resources allows us to continue to move forward with any event plan with minimal onboarding of new team members.  When working with the team, I have the complete trust they are my constant stable. There are no surprises or concerns that something will be forgotten. We are aligned with objectives and service level standards. We can always count on Metavent to deliver.
Head of Workplace Experience
I think we’re working on our fifth event and here’s why. The team not only totally gets our company culture but they have this efficient event planning process which just makes every event so easy. And they’re so flexible when we need to change something and are great to work with. No stress. Now that’s saying something!
Global Director of Events
Unequivocally everyone was excited. It was amazing. It exceeded my expectations.
Attendee, Marketing Manager
The Metavent software was amazing.  It FELT like our sales kick-off.  I don’t know how you guys made a virtual experience feel like our live experience.
Marketing Communications Manager
The team was critical in making sure all of our logistics and everything ran smoothly. We absolutely could not have done this without them and I would recommend them a thousand times over. We are a New York based company and they were able to set things up seamlessly without us having to forge connections on the west coast.
Chief Marketing Officer
Metavent was incredible. They brought a wealth of resources, expertise, and proactiveness that made our vision come to life and a great 2-day event for all.
President & CEO
The professionalism and creativity shown by your team was outstanding.  We truly appreciate the partnership!
Head of Employee Comms & Events
When we decided to host our employee event at Great America, we had a really short timeline. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how we could do it, but the team pulled it off, AGAIN. We had over 2,000 attendees with lots of kids and we got great feedback about all the fun, engaging activities, great food and diverse entertainment. Kudos to the team!
Workplace Services Manager
I absolutely love working with the team. We’ve used their services on multiple events - from multiple all-hands meetings to company summer picnics with 1,200+ attendees. I’d say their forte is providing excellent staff that are extremely professional and have hospitality nailed - they make your attendees feel special! They've got a tremendous eye for detail and are great about walking through contracts and offering suggestions that would improve the contracts - truly, I have no reservations about them and hire them as often as my budget allows!

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