Immersion. Engagement. Connection.

Our virtual events software platform, Metavent, delivers an unparalleled, cinematic audience experience to drive maximum attendee engagement and powerful real-time data and analytics. Now you can create, plan and host a full continuum of branded corporate events, big and small, in a single platform.


Amplify Your Brand

Brand your unique virtual environments to reflect your company culture, design aesthetic, products and creativity. With design and innovation at the forefront, Metavent leverages technology to use stunning graphics, audio and 3D video to drive audience impact.

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Expand Capacity & Reach

Events are a critical touch point in building stronger customer, employee and partner relationships. Virtual and hybrid events allow you to grow your community and engage with multiple stakeholders that can co-exist on multiple track events. Each business or functional group can seamlessly capture attendee data and integrate it with your Employee Engagement, CRM or Marketing Automation tools to provide essential and timely data for follow-through.

Engage and Connect

The Metavent Control Center allows your team to leverage interactive features that increase engagement between event attendees. Features include networking, live Q&A, dynamic audience chat and customized calls-to-action. Your events will now have more opportunities for engagement, from connection to collaboration.

ROI and Impact

Metavent’s real-time analytics and engagement tracking capabilities can reduce customer acquisition costs and measure attendee activity throughout your event. Our innovative platform can also help you track metrics across all of your events to gain deeper customer insights and improve event performance and audience influence over time.