Elevating Your Customer Events: Make Them Feel Like Royalty

Are you looking to make your customers feel like royalty? What better way than hosting a customer event! From VIP client cocktail hours to fancy excursions, we know the tricks and tips to make every customer feel cherished and valued. So if you're ready to elevate your customer events and give your VIP customers the royal treatment they deserve, then this blog post is for you. Let's get started!
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Looking to transform your customer events into majestic experiences? In this guide, we're revealing the secrets to hosting customer events that celebrate your guests by elevating their experience to regal heights. Ensuring every attendee feels cherished and valued. It's much simpler than you think, but as with all the simple things in life, details matter.


Communication is key when it comes to hosting a customer event fit for royalty. You want to make sure you're in regular contact with your guests, keeping them informed and excited about the upcoming VIP customer event. Be sure to communicate early and often, so your customers know what to expect and can plan accordingly. But don't just send generic emails or updates – be clear about the value they will get out of attending your event. Let them know why it's worth their time and what they can expect to gain from the experience. And when it comes to follow-on marketing, be organized and provide new information with each update. But remember, don't bombard them with too many messages. Find the right cadence to keep them engaged without becoming annoying. Finally, before the event, send a detailed outline of every detail they need to know – from the dress code to the schedule. It's all about clear communication to ensure your guests feel like true VIPs at your client appreciation extravaganza.

Be Mindful of Their Time

Let's be honest, we're all busy people with places to be and things to do. So, when planning your VIP client event, make sure to be mindful of your guests' time. Remember, it's all about quality over quantity. 

Instead of trying to cram every possible activity into the agenda, focus on creating value.  A short but meaningful event can be just as effective as a 2-day affair. Every moment of your schedule should count and add value to your guests' experience. Don't just add content to fill an agenda – make every content and agenda decision count.

And once you've communicated the schedule to your guests, stick to it. Don't make unnecessary changes that could disrupt their plans. They will have other meetings or work demands to attend to, and they've taken the time out of their busy schedule to attend your customer event. So, be considerate and respect their time.

Now, I'm not saying there should be no flexibility at all. Sometimes unexpected situations arise, and changes need to be made. But be mindful of the impact these changes may have on your guests. Too many on-the-fly changes can be irritating and erode the trust you've built with your VIP clients.

So, be mindful of their time and make sure every moment of your Customer Event is worth it. That way, your guests will leave feeling like true VIPs.

Personalize the Experience 

Here's the secret to achieving that royal treatment: personalization! From the moment your customers receive their invitation to the moment they leave your event, every detail should be tailored to their preferences.

When it comes to VIP events, go above and beyond with personalization. Think about everything from the gifts they receive to the agendas, travel arrangements, and even their meals. Show them that you've put thought into every aspect of their experience.

But personalization goes beyond just the logistics. It's about understanding your customers on a deeper level. Take the time to ask about their preferences, whether it's their preferred beverage, dietary restrictions, or even their flight and accommodation preferences. By showing that you care about the little details, you'll make them feel truly valued and special.

So, when it comes to your customer events, remember to personalize the experience. Make your customers feel like the VIPs they are, and they'll be sure to appreciate and remember your customer appreciation extravaganza.

Personal Connection

While we know your clients love you, they aren’t just coming to see you – they want to connect with each other, too! So, make it easy for guests to mingle and forge new connections at your event. Think of it as your own personal matchmaking service, but for business connections.

For larger conferences, consider using event tech apps that can facilitate networking and keep guests connected even after the event. These apps allow attendees to easily find and connect with like-minded individuals, creating valuable networking opportunities.

And for those exclusive VIP events, be strategic about who you invite. Carefully curate groups of like-minded people who will benefit from knowing each other. By bringing together individuals with similar interests and goals, you'll foster a sense of camaraderie and create the perfect environment for meaningful connections to be made.

During your event, be sure to leave plenty of time for networking. While program sessions and entertainment are important, don't forget that your guests are there to connect with others. Keep the music at a reasonable volume during networking sessions, so people can hear each other and have meaningful conversations.

Remember, a successful VIP customer event is not just about the personal connection you have with your guests – it's also about the connections they make with each other. So, create opportunities for networking and watch the magic happen!


Now that your customer event is over and your guests have had a taste of the royal treatment, it's time for some follow-up. But don't worry, this isn't your typical, boring follow-up. We're going to do it with style and grace, just like your customer event.

First and foremost, say thank you. Your guests took the time out of their busy schedules to attend your customer event, so make sure they know how much you appreciate it. Send them a personalized thank you note that shows your gratitude for their presence and their continued support.

Next, address anything you promised at the event. Did you promise to send them a recording of a session they missed? Or maybe you offered to connect them with someone in your network? Whatever it is, make sure you follow through and deliver. Don't leave them hanging – show them that you value their time and that you're a person of your word.

And finally, keep in touch with regular personal check-ins. Your customer event shouldn't be a one-time thing. It should be the start of an ongoing customer appreciation journey. So, send them occasional updates, invite them to future events, and keep them engaged with your brand.

Remember, the follow-up is just as important as the event itself. It's your chance to solidify the connections you made, show your appreciation, and continue building strong customer relationships. So, don't let it slip through the cracks. Keep the momentum going and keep your customers feeling like royalty long after the event is over.

Make Them Feel Like Royalty

Hosting a VIP customer event is your chance to make your clients feel like absolute royalty and show them just how much you appreciate their support. From clear communication to personalized experiences, every detail matters when it comes to making your customer feel like VIPs. And let's not forget about the power of networking – bringing together like-minded individuals and fostering connections is the icing on the cake. But the fun doesn't stop there. After the event, make sure to follow up with style and keep the customer appreciation journey going. Remember, a happy customer is a loyal customer, so keep the royal treatment flowing long after the confetti has settled. Your clients deserve nothing less than the royal treatment, and with these tips, you'll make them feel like kings and queens at every extravaganza. 

Interested in designing an unforgettable customer event?  Let’s chat and make your customers feel like royalty!

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