What Is an Event Production Company?

What is an event production company? I’ve been asked this so many times, we decided to take some time to explain it. This guide provides comprehensive information on event production companies to ensure your next event is successful. It also answers questions about event production agencies and the services they offer.
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What is an event production company?  I’ve been asked this so many times, we decided to take some time to explain it.  First of all, let’s clear up one common bit of confusion (or maybe division?) on the topic.  Some people consider “event production” the end-to-end creation, planning and execution of every aspect of an event.  And some people consider “event production” the production of content, stage design, staging, audio, lighting and visual effects - essentially a portion of the overall event.  For the purposes of this article, we’re going with the former definition, which is an agency that supports the entire process of bringing an event to life.  

However you define it, event production companies are invaluable assets to any event planning team. They carefully and thoughtfully design the experience from the moment you invite a guest to the moment you thank your guests for coming.  Everything from preparation to teardown runs like clockwork when a skilled event production team is in charge.

Event production is a crucial part of any successful event. It includes strategic design, immersive branding, creative content delivery, impactful stage design and creating the perfect atmosphere to achieve the event goals.  It also includes the critical elements like coordinating vendors, managing logistics, lighting, sound, decor, registration, F&B, engagements/activities, gifting, housing, and sourcing.  

Successful event execution requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure that all aspects of the event come together seamlessly.  Meeting deadlines, sticking to a budget, and working in tandem with creative designers and vendors are all essential responsibilities for an event producer. 

This guide provides comprehensive information on event production companies to ensure your next event is successful. It also answers questions about event production agencies and the services they offer.

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What Are the Common Services an Event Production Company Provides?

Event production companies offer a wide range of services that help ensure the success of an event.  Firms often specialize in a specific event type, like corporate conferences, tradeshows, team and executive offsites, incentive trips, corporate celebrations, retail engagements or annual association meetings, and they will often focus on a specific event size - smaller, mid-size or large gatherings.  There are a handful of well-established firms that excel at mega-events for 20,000+ attendees.  

The event team is responsible for many duties, which are often broken down by specialty roles. Even though an event team is assembled by specialists, in the most successful firms, the design and planning process is highly collaborative.

Let’s break down what event production specifically involves.  

Event strategy

Before any designing, planning or logistics begin, start with event strategy.  Strategy is typically managed by the leader of the program along with a senior event producer, account manager, and event operations manager.  The initial goal for this team is to outline the goals and objectives of the event, establish a budget, establish the framework for the content, develop a strategy for engaging guests, outline a high-level agenda, and determine the high-level deadlines of the program.  Everything that follows will be driven by these key factors.  

Event conceptualization and design

Event conceptualization involves creating a concept or theme for an event that achieves the goals and objectives and clearly delivers the required content and messaging. At this stage, it’s critical to understand the audience (or audiences) who will attend the event and ensure you are designing the right tracts and experiences for all groups.  

Working within the required budget as you bring the event to life is a critical step, or you risk selling a dream you cannot realize.  Elements to consider within the design process include location, graphic design, interior and visual design, audio experience, catering, entertainment and overall experience.

Design teams will create layouts, mood boards, and floor plans, selecting decor, lighting, and audio-visual components, and coordinating these elements to create a cohesive and immersive experience for the attendees.

Event management companies typically offer event conceptualization and design as part of their services, working with clients to understand their goals and objectives. 

Venue selection and coordination

Finding a suitable location is a critical step in organizing any successful event. It is essential to determine the event objectives and requirements before beginning the search for a venue.

An experienced event production agency has extensive knowledge about the full range of expenses that vary from location to location.  They understand how to design and craft a request for proposal (RFP) process to ensure the full range of expenses are understood up front.  Experienced agencies will generally be IATA certified and have extensive knowledge and training on all aspects of the industry.

Site and venue selection is so much more than just visiting a venue, it includes gaining a full understanding of the area, it’s cost-basis overall, accessibility, travel patterns, tax structure, options for activities, limitations, etc.  

With the ever-evolving integration of technology in events, venue selection now also includes understanding the best options for extending events through the growing world of virtual and hybrid events to reach wider audiences and save on costs.

Logistics management

Logistics management is usually the first thing people think of when you mention event production.  You can almost see people’s heads spin as they consider all of the details and nuances that event professionals manage.  This is definitely core to and a critical component of corporate an event production company's service.  

Logistics management involves expert skills in project and time management.  The most successful producers and firms have, at their core, exceptional processes as well as project and time management.  These skills enable a producer to stay ahead of details, remain proactive throughout the planning process, anticipate problems before they arise and have plans A - Z to ensure any issue can be managed with ease.  Specific logistical tasks are wide ranging and may include coordinating with hotels and venues, registration and housing management, organizing food and beverage, managing security and compliance, coordinating with municipalities, air and ground transportation, vendor management, audio / visual coordination, WiFi and communications, marketing, special event design and set-up, shipping, construction and general labor.  Behind each of these speciality logistical tasks is exceptional project management and detailed organization.

Production management involves overseeing the event's technical aspects, such as lighting, sound, audio-visual equipment, and stage design. This includes tasks such as managing a team of technicians, overseeing the setup and operation of equipment, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise during the event.  As with logistical tasks, powering every great event producer production manager is exceptional forethought, project management and organization.

Logistics and production management ensures that all aspects of the event run smoothly and according to plan. 

Ultimately, an event producer’s highest value is allowing the client to focus on high-level strategic initiatives, such as creating dynamic content, engaging with attendees and ensuring that the event’s goals and objectives are achieved.  Event producers and their corporate partners work together to create a seamless experience for the attendees while delivering the event with ease, on time and within budget.

Audiovisual services are a key component to any corporate event

Audiovisual services

Audiovisual services are a key component to any corporate event and, on the most successful event teams, AV teams integrate seamlessly with the overall event team.  “AV” includes audio, lighting, videography, power management, and staging solutions designed and tailored to the size and scope of the event.  

Content is one of the most important components of a corporate event, and it must be delivered seamlessly and professionally.  This makes the AV team a key to success for any corporate event or conference.  AV professionals have extensive technical knowledge and are practiced at staying calm and delivering under often intensive pressure.  You get one shot when doing a live production, which requires a special personality.  The best producers and technicians are calm, proactive or adaptive under pressure.  They can identify and recognize the needs of any event to create an optimal experience for speakers, hosts and attendees. 

When the show goes well, no one notices, but behind the calm are sharp and tuned in experts in audio engineering, lighting design and engineering, power (electrical) distribution experts, show callers, stage managers, video techs, videographers.  And of course, the wizard orchestrating it all are the Executive Producers.  

Expert producers are also expert logistics managers.  This skill allows the producer to stay ahead of deadlines, prepare clients and partners for what’s ahead, and anticipate problems before they arise.  Rehearsals are the secret weapon of an executive producer, and frankly, you can’t rehearse enough.  Rehearsals are the logistical cross-checking tool for a AV team, they provide an opportunity to see how the show is coming together, identify games, and ensure a seamless performance.

Event marketing and promotion

All the planning in the world is meaningless if no one shows up.  Event marketing and promotion is as important as the planning itself.  The event marketing and promotion team engage attendees and stakeholders, build anticipation, communicate the value of the event, create an overall positive experience and follow-up with engagement after an event.

A well-crafted marketing campaign should include a variety of assets, such as save-the-dates, branded website / landing page, reminder and teaser emails, activation on social media, community forums, and follow-up communication and surveys.  Marketing and promotions pre and post-event should integrate seamlessly to the overall event experience. On-site marketing, such as e-signage, banners, and brochures, also increase the event's visibility.

Software for organizing corporate events makes it simpler than ever to launch a branded event website. Online event marketing especially comes in handy when hosting a virtual event.

Utilizing a branded mobile event app provides a green alternative for attendees to obtain important information, such as local hotel details or session sign-up pages, receive real-time updates, and to connect with other attendees on-site.

Live event hosted by an event production company

Working with an Event Production Agency

Hiring a professional event production agency can be a great way to save time and money and reduce stress when planning an event. Leveraging experts and their extensive networks is a great way to ensure your event runs smoothly and efficiently.  They are well-versed in organizing and carrying out functions of varying sizes and complexity. 

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