Turn Your Corporate Training Event from Snoozefest to Must-see

When you hear training you probably think… dark room, no fresh air, sitting (lots of sitting), over indulgent snacks, over consumption and any attempt to keep awake. But training doesn’t have to be so blah blah blah fall asleep at your desk. Creating engaging and memorable corporate training events can be a game-changer for team productivity and morale. And by incorporating innovative ideas — leveraged with industry insights — you can elevate your training sessions and ensure they leave a lasting impression. Here are four surefire ways to jazz up your training events and get a big THANK YOU from your team.
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1. Music — Fill in the Gaps

Bring in a DJ or live musicians to fill the gaps with positive, energetic music. This addition will give your team a bounce in their step, lifting spirits, clearing minds, and building energy among the team. Choose a DJ with a repertoire of interesting, rare gems to incite a positive team vibe.

Deep Dive: Consider integrating themed music breaks that align with the training content. For example, use upbeat, motivational songs during breaks to keep energy levels high. Music can also be used to signal transitions between sessions, creating a seamless flow and maintaining engagement.

2. Add Real-Time Surveys and Games

Utilize new technologies that offer real-time survey capabilities. Engage your team with relevant questions, capture immediate responses, and display polling results on-screen in real time. Shifting the state of mind from listening to acting, even momentarily, can re-engage your audience and increase retention. Enhance the experience by including custom games or an interactive scavenger hunt during breaks.

Deep Dive: Incorporate gamification elements throughout the training event. Use leaderboards to track survey participation and game results, offering small incentives for top performers. Gamification not only makes the training more enjoyable but also fosters a sense of competition and collaboration among team members.

3. The Food

While pastries, ice cream, candy bars, and chocolate are delicious, they often leave the body dragging and lethargic. Instead, offer energizing snacks to keep your team alert and focused. Smoothies, green drinks, trail mix, and fresh fruit can be healthier alternatives that boost energy levels and prevent the post-lunch slump.

Deep Dive: Partner with local health-conscious caterers to provide a variety of nutritious snack options. Create a build-your-own smoothie bar or a salad station where team members can customize their meals. Offering healthy food options not only supports physical well-being but also shows your commitment to your team's overall health.

4. Get Some Air!

Choose a venue with natural light and easy access to fresh air. If an outdoor venue is not possible, schedule time during the program for participants to get outside, breathe fresh air, and move their bodies. Incorporate athletic mini-challenges such as a rock climbing wall, an obstacle course, a yoga session, or a simple team relay. Physical activity can rejuvenate the mind and body, making participants more receptive to training content.

Deep Dive: Organize outdoor team-building activities that align with your training goals. Activities like team hikes, group meditation sessions, or even a company-wide fitness challenge can break the monotony of indoor sessions and promote team bonding in a refreshing environment.

Need More Tips?

Planning an engaging and memorable training event requires creativity and strategic planning. If you need more tips or expert guidance, just call us! Our event planning team at Metavent is ready to help you create unforgettable training events tailored to your company’s unique culture and needs.

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