6 Ways to Plan for the Conference Outside the Conference

The success of any conference is driven by much more than just the core conference agenda itself. Your conference attendees have traveled from all over the world to reunite with a common purpose and renew longstanding relationships. So use your next conference to recreate that sense of reunion among your attendees. Meaning they can still experience the great conversations, networking connections and fun once all of the “serious stuff” wraps up.
Corporate Events

1. Culture is Everything

Consider the culture of your conference. Is it youthful, entrepreneurial, and creative? Or mature, data-rich, and authoritative? If you have a young crowd who likes to party into the night, maintain that vibe with late-night cocktail parties and entertainment-focused events. For more “buttoned-up” affairs, where attendees need to stay sharp, plan brief but impactful cocktail events during traditional hours. Use lounge areas where the music is kept low to allow meaningful networking conversations. This helps in fostering connections without the distraction of loud music, ensuring attendees can focus on building professional relationships.

Deep Dive: Incorporate branded networking lounges tailored to your audience's preferences. For a youthful crowd, think vibrant decor and interactive installations. For a professional audience, opt for elegant, subdued lighting and comfortable seating arrangements.

2. Deliciously Local

Treat your conference guests to a menu that showcases the local cuisine. Every destination has unique culinary specialties that can be a highlight of your event. A thoughtfully curated menu not only delights guests but also serves as an opportunity to showcase your brand or those of your sponsors. Incorporate corporate logos into napkins or collaborate with local caterers to infuse your brand’s colors into the food presentation. Well-fed guests are happy guests, and creativity with food will keep them talking about your conference long after it ends.

Deep Dive: Host a local food tasting event or a cooking demonstration featuring renowned local chefs. This can serve as a unique networking opportunity and a memorable experience for attendees.

3. An Easy Roadmap to Fun

Your guests may not be familiar with the city you are hosting your conference in, so make it easy for them to get oriented. Provide a creative map in their welcome packet, showing how to navigate from one venue to another. Choose venues within walking distance or provide reliable transportation options. Include instructions on using local transportation systems (buses, trains, trolleys) and consider partnering with services like Uber or Lyft to offer incentives for attendees. This ensures they can explore the city and move between conference events with ease.

Deep Dive: Create an event app with an integrated map and schedule. Include local attractions, dining recommendations, and transportation options. This enhances the attendee experience by making it easy to explore and participate fully in the event.

4. Musical Magic – Just the Right Dose

Music can make or break your conference atmosphere. Host an event without music and see how quickly guests leave; host one with music, and they'll linger longer. Music sets the tone, but it must be appropriate: too loud and it drives people away; too soft and it fades into the background. Work with local production experts to get the right mix. Tailor the playlist to fit the theme of your event and the preferences of your attendees.

Deep Dive: Incorporate live music performances or DJ sets tailored to different parts of your event. Use music to signal transitions between sessions and to energize the audience during breaks. This keeps the energy high and the mood positive throughout the conference.

5. Enhance Attendee Engagement with Technology

Leverage technology to enhance attendee engagement. Use event management software to streamline registration, scheduling, and communication. Interactive apps can provide real-time updates, facilitate networking, and gather valuable feedback.

Deep Dive: Implement features like live polling, Q&A sessions, and social media walls to keep attendees engaged and active participants in the event. Utilize platforms like Slido or Pigeonhole Live to enhance interaction.

6. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices

Promoting green initiatives is becoming a non-negotiable. And why wouldn’t you? Reducing your carbon footprint while appealing to environmentally conscious attendees is a win-win. So incorporate sustainability into your event planning with green thinking from the ground on up. Such as, choosing a venue that practices eco-friendly initiatives like recycling, energy-efficient lighting and locally sourced catering. 

Deep Dive: Highlight your sustainability efforts in your event marketing. Use digital invitations and materials to reduce paper waste. Provide reusable or biodegradable items to minimize the event’s environmental impact.

By implementing these expert tips and incorporating SEO-optimized content, you can ensure your corporate conference stands out and provides an unforgettable experience for all attendees. For more personalized tips and assistance in planning your next event, contact us today!

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