Master VIP Treatment Beyond the Red Carpet

Rolling out the red carpet for your VIPs is crucial for making them feel appreciated and valued. But that’s just one moment. At your next VIP event, it's important to keep them "front and center." You need to surprise, delight and nail the attention of your VIP guests at your next client event, investor meeting or board huddle — from beginning to end. The best way to do this? Make them the stars! By tapping into what makes THEM tick, you can showcase all their talents while keeping the excitement going at your event. Here are 4 expert tips to help you master VIP treatment beyond the red carpet…
Event Planning

1. Make Them Stand Out in the Crowd

Simply providing name tag identifiers for your VIPs isn't enough. Take it a step further by reserving special seating for them with clear identification of the VIP zone. Additionally, prioritize their service during meal times and provide them with concierge support to make their experience as seamless as possible. By creating an exclusive area, you not only make them feel special but also ensure they are easily accessible for networking opportunities. Consider adding branded decor that aligns with your company’s image to enhance the VIP experience.

Deep Dive: Think about employing spatial design strategies that physically elevate the VIP areas, providing them with the best views of the event’s activities. This not only enhances their experience but also visually underscores their importance to all attendees.

2. Give Them a Starring Role

Your VIPs have a wealth of knowledge to share, so extend their participation beyond the panel discussion. Ensure they have a wireless mic available during Q&A sessions to make their expertise accessible to attendees. You can also showcase their industry insights by using a pre-recorded interview on video that can be projected during your program. Schedule designated times for your VIPs to mingle with guests and continue the conversation one-on-one. Additionally, consider live-streaming these segments to maximize their impact and reach a broader audience.

Deep Dive: Consider prerecorded segments that showcase their industry expertise, enhancing their visibility and engagement with the audience. This approach not only leverages their knowledge but also integrates them more deeply into the event’s narrative.

3. Schedule a "VIP Only" Celebrity Meet and Greet

Your VIPs want to connect with other VIPs, so facilitate networking opportunities by hosting separate brunches, luncheons, or cocktail hours with VIP-only attendees. Create designated break rooms or green rooms for your VIPs, complete with beverages, wireless internet, comfortable seating, and other amenities to encourage mingling and conversation. These exclusive networking opportunities allow for deeper connections and more meaningful exchanges, enhancing the overall event experience.

Deep Dive: Enhance these sessions with personalized elements. For example, offer a selection of gourmet refreshments tailored to your VIPs' preferences, or provide high-end amenities such as massage chairs or personal assistants to cater to their needs throughout the event.

4. Give Them a Memorable "Take Away"

Working with a promotional products specialist, design a gift that your VIPs will cherish and remember. Choose a quality item that reflects your brand and will stand the test of time. Your VIPs will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and associate it with their positive experience at your event. Personalized gifts, such as engraved accessories or custom-made products, add a special touch that reinforces their value to your organization.

Deep Dive: Integrate technology into your takeaways. Consider gifting items like smart devices, customized apps, or access to exclusive digital content. These tech-savvy gifts not only impress but also provide ongoing value and engagement long after the event.

5. Enhance the Experience with Personal Touches

Personalization can elevate the experience. Use branded signage, customized itineraries, and personalized welcome gifts to show attention to detail. Consider adding unique elements like a signature cocktail or a bespoke menu that reflects their preferences. By tailoring every aspect of the event to their tastes, you create an atmosphere of exclusivity and care.

Deep Dive: Leverage data from previous interactions to tailor the event experience. Use CRM systems to track preferences and past behaviors, ensuring that every touchpoint during the event is personalized and meaningful.

6. Utilize Advanced Event Technology

Integrate advanced event management tools to streamline logistics and enhance the guest experience. Use apps for real-time updates, virtual tours, and interactive maps. This ensures that your VIPs are well-informed and can navigate the event seamlessly. Additionally, provide virtual attendance options for those who cannot be there in person, using platforms that offer high-quality streaming and interactive features.

Deep Dive: Implement AR and VR technologies to create immersive experiences. Augmented reality can be used for interactive displays and guided tours, while virtual reality can offer engaging remote participation options.

By implementing these expert tips, you'll make your VIPs feel truly special and leave a lasting impression on them. The success of your VIP event relies heavily on the details, so ensure you plan and execute with precision. Remember, going the extra mile for your VIPs will pay dividends in the long run.

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