Planning Corporate Events: Do You Know Your Event Attendee “Personas”?

Successful corporate event planning hinges on understanding attendee personas. Each event attracts a diverse mix of participants, from customers and partners to employees and VIPs, each with unique objectives and interests. And every experienced marketer knows building customer personas or buyer profiles is a must if you want to center your campaigns around your “best-customer” attitudes, motivations, marketing channels and behaviors. Recognizing and catering to these varying personas is crucial for designing an engaging and relevant event. Here are five common corporate event personas and strategies to engage each effectively.
Corporate Events

1. The “Always-On” Networker and Connector


  • Values professional relationships and career growth
  • Ambitious and target-oriented in their networking
  • Technology and social media savvy, constantly sharing insights and commenting on content

Strategies to Engage:

  • Pre-Test Technology: Ensure your event app is user-friendly and meets their high standards.
  • Facilitate Connectivity: Make it easy for them to connect with other attendees and speakers before, during, and after the event through your app.
  • Hashtag Strategy: Provide a clear hashtag strategy in advance to streamline social media interactions.
  • Social Stream Snapshots: Capture and display social media activity around event hashtags to maintain engagement post-event.

2. The Brand Showman with Star Power


  • Uses the event as a platform to enhance personal and company brand
  • Focuses on showcasing expertise and value to the audience
  • Seeks direct interaction with speakers and enjoys being in the spotlight

Strategies to Engage:

  • Speaker Access: Provide opportunities for them to connect with key speakers.
  • Surprise Reveals: Spotlight them in surprise reveals and event highlights.
  • Social Media Visibility: Feature attendee comments and social media shares prominently at the event and in the app.

3. The Low-Key Learner


  • Focuses on substantive learning and knowledge acquisition
  • Detail-oriented, paying close attention to event topics and speakers
  • Prefers structured learning over networking

Strategies to Engage:

  • Content Research: Differentiate your program with unique and relevant content.
  • Speaker Showcases: Use innovative methods to highlight speakers and provide tangible takeaways.
  • Deep-Dive Demos: Create spaces for in-depth demonstrations and niche content.
  • Ice-Breakers: Offer structured networking opportunities to ease them into social interactions.

4. The Creative Inspiration Seeker


  • Seeks experiential learning and emotional connections
  • Interested in the sustainability and local culture of the event
  • Looks for meaningful connections and aligns with company missions

Strategies to Engage:

  • Inspirational Elements: Incorporate quotes, mission statements, and brand history into visual graphics.
  • Cultural Exploration: Offer local cultural experiences and opportunities for collaborative passion projects.
  • Motivational Speakers: Include speakers who can inspire and connect on an emotional level.

5. The Good ‘Ol Boy Partier


  • Highly social and enjoys making new connections
  • High-energy, active on social media, and loves spreading brand enthusiasm
  • Enjoys interactive and entertainment aspects of events

Strategies to Engage:

  • Highlight Social Activities: Emphasize social and entertainment elements in your program.
  • Hashtag Strategy: Ensure a clear and engaging hashtag strategy for social media sharing.
  • Live Streams and Photos: Facilitate easy live streaming and provide photo-worthy moments and backdrops.
  • Branded Selfies: Set up kiosks or stations for branded selfies and other interactive photo opportunities.

Understanding and catering to these event attendee personas can significantly enhance the engagement and success of your corporate events. By leveraging these insights, you can create a tailored and impactful event experience that resonates with all your attendees.

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