3 Out of the Box Teambuilding Activities Beyond Your Boardroom

It's always a good time for teambuilding! But oh my goodness, how are you going to avoid the been-there-done-that blues? And how are you going to keep your team from complaining that it just wasn’t good enough. Teambuilding events are essential for fostering camaraderie, boosting morale, and enhancing productivity within any organization. To help you plan memorable, effective and fun teambuilding activities, here are three ideas that go beyond traditional office settings...

1. Fresh Air Adventures

Every company has access to nearby city, state, or national parks—perfect venues for creative and engaging teambuilding events. Transform a typical picnic area into a festival of fun and beauty. Start by hiring a quality caterer to serve unique meals such as BBQ with a twist, paella, or a luau-style feast. Include an interesting beverage menu that caters to both drinkers and non-drinkers, ensuring everyone feels included.

Next, organize a variety of unique games to promote healthy competition. Consider activities like human foosball, a corn-hole tournament, an obstacle course, and human bowling. Implement a scoring system to track performance and award cool prizes to the winning teams. Make sure the games vary in physical intensity so that both sporty and non-sporty participants can enjoy themselves. The goal is to foster teamwork and have fun, not to compete in the Olympics!

Deep Dive: Incorporate eco-friendly practices into your outdoor event. Use biodegradable plates and utensils, and ensure waste is properly sorted and recycled. Consider organizing a community service activity, like a park clean-up, as part of the teambuilding experience. This not only promotes teamwork but also enhances your company's commitment to sustainability.

2. Show on the Road

For start-ups and smaller businesses, shutting down the office for an entire day can be challenging. Instead, consider organizing a nearby destination event on a Saturday. Rent a private estate at the beach and host an all-day oyster tasting and paella party complete with beach games. Alternatively, head to wine country for a day of easy kayaking in Healdsburg, followed by a picnic along the river. Another option is planning a day/night in the mountains with daytime hiking and a fabulous team dinner on the lake.

In each case, negotiate local hotel room blocks for team members who may want to extend their trip and make the most of the weekend getaway. This allows for flexibility and encourages team bonding in a relaxed, scenic environment.

Deep Dive: Enhance your destination event with local cultural experiences. Arrange for a local expert to give a talk on the region's history, or organize a group visit to a local museum or art gallery. These activities provide educational value and make the trip more enriching.

3. Adrenaline Seekers

For those who crave excitement, indoor skydiving is a thrilling teambuilding activity. Take the team to an indoor skydiving facility where adrenaline junkies can get their fix, and others can enjoy the entertainment. Professional skydiving performances and an educational tour about aerodynamics and other interesting facts ensure everyone has a great time.

Provide fabulous catering and beverages to keep everyone energized and happy. This high-energy event is a win for everyone, as it combines fun, education, and unique experiences.

Deep Dive: Complement the skydiving experience with a motivational speaker or a workshop on overcoming fears and taking calculated risks. This can tie the thrill of skydiving to personal and professional growth, making the event both exciting and meaningful.

Need More Tips?

Planning innovative and effective teambuilding events requires creativity and attention to detail. If you need more tips or expert guidance on creating unforgettable teambuilding experiences, just call us! Our team is here to help you design events that inspire and engage your employees, fostering a stronger, more cohesive team.

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