How to Show Employee Appreciation at Your Next All-Hands

Employees want to feel appreciated, especially by their manager and leadership. Afterall, a majority of your time is spent at work. Here are three tips on how to celebrate your teams's wins and accomplishments.
All-Hands Meetings

We all want to feel appreciated, right?  Especially as an employee of a company, you want to feel appreciated by your manager and leadership.  Afterall, a majority of your time is spent at work.  One of the best ways to accomplish the goal of making your team feel appreciated is by celebrating team members at your all-hands meeting. Here are three tips on how to make this happen.

1 - Creative Intros

A common problem teams face, especially in the remote work environment, is how to handle new team introductions in a creative way. It's imperative that team members know who is who so they can effectively collaborate and achieve their individual and team goals.  One simple trick - have your new employees create and share a short bio using Google Slides in a bullet-points and photos format.  Make an experience out of having new employees share a bit about themselves for up to five minutes to the team.  This simple tool can help you create deeper connections and become a highly effective, thriving team. 

2 - Recognize individual efforts

Your employees works hard every day, but they don’t always get recognized for their achievements. Make sure everyone on your team gets recognized for their contributions in a timely fashion. Before your next All-Hands, let your team know they can nominate other team members to be showcased during the meeting. This way, you’ll get a more honest assessment of what folks think is going well and where there’s room for improvement—and it’s a nice way of showing appreciation for an employee who may not have gotten that promotion or raise he or she was hoping for last time around.

When you recognize key players and significant achievements (especially publicly), you reinforce your company’s culture of respect and acknowledge that each individual is important. Plus, it’s good for your employees’ morale, which has a direct impact on productivity.

3 - Recognize significant achievements

Employees work hard every day, but the magic really happens at the team level.  When a team is in synch, it's incredible what they can achieve.  One of the best ways you can motivate your team is by recognizing achievements at the group / team level. We all feel good when we are given recognition for doing something well, but there is something even more special when the team celebrates a win together.  It's not just good for morale, it's great for business.  Celebrating team wins reinforces teamwork, improves accountability, and keeps your A-teams firing. 

Don't hold back on your high-fives - make a BIG to-do of your recognition!  Blast the music, throw some confetti (virtual or IRL) and bring the cheer.  We are all working towards the same goal - success - so why not help each other along the way with excitement and encouragement?  

Interested in creating a thriving culture at your All-Hands? Let’s chat and take your team meeting to the next level!

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