Going Global: Keeping Your Corporate Training Events Consistently Excellent – Everywhere

As more and more companies operate their events virtually, locally and regionally, one of their key challenges is keeping the caliber of these separate events consistent across locales. While saving precious dollars on travel and hospitality expenses, the risk of an event getting executed inconsistently from office to office puts the ROI from this investment in jeopardy. Nowhere is this more evident than with training events. Ensuring consistency in planning, preparation, and on-site execution of corporate training events across different locations, timeframes, and teams is essential for maintaining high standards. Here are some expert tips to help you achieve this goal.
Corporate Events

1. Leverage Relationships in Venue Sourcing & Negotiation

To maintain consistency, it's crucial to use the same venue partner across different jurisdictions. This strategy not only maximizes your leverage in negotiations across various properties but also establishes stable and reliable standards for quality. Key elements such as customer service, cuisine, A/V support, and transportation relationships significantly impact the attendee experience. Consistent venue sourcing enhances event logistics and streamlines planning.

2. Assign Clear Roles to In-House vs Outsourced Teams for Execution

One critical value an events agency provides is avoiding costly resourcing mistakes. For instance, consider staffing the registration area. Registration is a critical event gateway where quick and efficient service is paramount. Any misstep here can result in bottlenecks, wasted time, and inaccurate attendance data. If your internal team isn’t large enough to handle the task, delegate it to an experienced event management team.

At Metavent, we reassigned registration to our team, bringing in necessary technology and ensuring smooth execution for a 220-attendee event in New York. This model was replicated seamlessly for a 1500-person event in San Francisco two days later, demonstrating scalable and consistent event management.

3. Over Communicate Across the Project Team

In the lifecycle of an event, team members on the client side may change. To maintain consistency, keep a visible, real-time updated project plan accessible to all parties. This ensures everyone is up-to-date and can step in seamlessly if needed. Frequent, organized, and documented communication between the agency and client team is essential. Clear priorities and accountability for follow-up on action items prevent confusion and ensure smooth execution, even if there are changes in budget or event elements like program flow or speakers. This communication strategy is particularly crucial when adapting an event model to different markets, as local nuances can impact execution.

4. Templatizing Events

“Templatizing” events can streamline planning and execution, reduce costs, and ensure consistency across different jurisdictions. This approach embodies “working smarter” in the events industry. If you have international or domestic events that require execution across multiple offices or countries, our team at Metavent is ready to assist.

5. Additional Tips for Consistent Event Success

Implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Develop SOPs for all event processes. This ensures everyone follows the same procedures, maintaining consistency in event execution.

Utilize Event Management Software

Use software that allows real-time updates and project tracking. This helps in managing tasks, schedules, and communication efficiently.

Conduct Regular Training

Provide training sessions for in-house and outsourced teams to keep everyone aligned with the event standards and expectations.

Feedback Mechanism

After each event, collect feedback from attendees and team members. Use this data to refine processes and improve future events.

Get in Touch

For comprehensive event planning and execution that ensures consistency and excellence, get in touch. Our expertise in managing events across multiple locations will help you achieve seamless and memorable experiences for your attendees.

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