All-Hands for Sales: The Benefits of National Sales Meetings

Hosting an all-hands for sales will increase alignment and productivity within your sales team - who doesn't want that? Check out our top tips on how to host an effective annual sales meeting.
All-Hands Meetings

Your company is growing - WIN!  But are you finding it increasingly difficult to keep all employees in the loop and aligned to the goals of the business? It is especially critical to align your  global sales team at least annually (or even better, quarterly) to discuss current sales figures, quarterly and annual goals, new product development and other relevant business topics. One way to ensure you maintain communication among your team members is to hold all-hands meetings. For sales, these meetings can be called "National Sales Meeting", "Annual Sales Meeting", "Sales Kick-off" or get creative and personalize your meeting name.  If you are considering hosting an all-hands meeting for your sales team, check out our top tips on how to host an effective meeting.  You will increase alignment and productivity within your sales team - who doesn't want that?

Communication is Critical to Success 

Communication is the key to successful all-hands - it cannot be understated how important this is. A national sales meeting provides a chance to share product updates and big company announcements. And they are a great opportunity to address questions from team members, creating an open dialogue about the state of the sales organization. When the team comes together as one, it's an invaluable time for the sharing of knowledge and reconnecting with colleagues. Be sure to include customer success stories, goals updates, and general feedback in your communications.  All of this helps create a supportive and thriving sales culture.

Alignment on Goals 

When the whole team know the numbers and has clarity on what is expected, it can inspire the group to achieve sales goals. The foundational purpose of the annual sales meeting is to align the team to the companies key financial and sales goals. Sales meetings can serve as an annual kickoff for achieving goals set at the beginning of the year. Being transparent about sales targets - individually and at the group level - and following up with strategies to achieve the targets is essential to success.

Skillset Development and Training 

Annual sales meetings give you the opportunity to hone essential skills, optimize performance, share best practices, and clarify processes and procedures. When you have sales people together from across the country (or world) in one room, it helps foster a sense of unity and gives the team an opportunity to learn from each other. But sometimes, regardless of how skilled your team may be, an outside consultant and training team can be invaluable and help and organization see beyond their blind spots.  No matter what your company's size or its needs might be, annual sales meetings are worth investing in.

Lead Generation

The lead generation process is a highly collaborative effort.  Communication and synchronicity between marketing, sales, customer support and product are key to successfully generating quality leads. Gaining new customers will come from marketing, while sales builds and fosters customer relationships and customer support keeps customer happy and ongoingly fosters customer relationships. What if there was an unfaltering alignment between these groups? All teams benefit - sales benefits from better leads coming from marketing, and marketing benefits from real-time feedback from sales and customer support.  And ultimately there would be better optimization of lead conversion and - most important - happier customers. The benefits are clear when we align teams and work together collaboratively.

Know Your Customer 

Knowing your customer is vital to a successful sales organization.  Taking time during your national sales meeting to share customer insights, review customer discovery research, and discuss both qualitative and quantitative results from your previous year will help boost sales efforts going forward.  Afterall, sales is about helping customers solve a problem or address a need.  If you're not clear on what the customer needs, sales becomes a churn.  Start by aligning sales, marketing, and customer support so that each department understands the unique needs of your customers. Always be in service to your customer.

Motivation and Inspiration

Motivation can be tough, but when sales teams get together and inspire each other to achieve excellence and work as a team to meet their goals, everyone becomes better at what they do. Share the knowledge you've learned in the industry with others who may not have all the resources or experience you have. And make time to hear from the team about what they are learning in the industry and from customers.  Talk about how you deal with challenges and overcome obstacles. The annual sales meeting is a great opportunity to bring in an inspirational keynote speaker to rally the team.  Encourage everyone on your team to compete against themselves and never give up. Encourage friendly competition so people know where they stand. Competition pushes people outside of their comfort zone, making them better than before and often surprise themselves on how much they can accomplish.

Share Success Stories and Best Practices

Take the opportunity at your annual sales meeting to encourage your team to share their stories, best practices and winning strategies with the rest of the sales team. Sales people love hearing about other people's successes, especially on their team. Hearing success stories will make them feel more like superstars and give them something to work toward next time they go out on a call or enter into a contract negotiation.

Celebrate Success!!  

National sales meetings are the perfect setting to celebrate your successes - every success. Every sales team has a band of superstars and especially one gal or guy who always leads the pack.  Celebrate your team champions, share their success with a big celebration and awards.  Get them on stage, bring the music and the confetti - or whatever suits your team vibe.  But make the celebration a big deal with 110% energy.   Recognize the wins you had in the past year and take a moment to enjoy them. Wins motivate, so use your momentum to drive forward into the future. Celebrate your wins and move on, knowing that you've just set yourself up for more success next year.

Let's Host - IRL, Virtually or Hybrid

Now that you've got the basics - let's host this thing!  There are so many proven strategies - hosting live, virtually or hybrid - it doesn't matter, just make sure you gather the team and bring your sale organization to the next level.  

Interested in designing your best sales all-hands? Let’s chat and take your sales meeting to the next level!

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