• Live Event Site 24/7 Access for 1 Year
  • Unlimited Events
  • 10 Users
  • 3,000 Event Registrations: $4.50 / attendee thereafter
  • 100GB Data Storage
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Self Managed Implementation + Training


Brand Channel + Community
Video Conferencing
Live Streaming
YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch
Notifications - Pushed in Real-Time
Content - Pushed in Real Time
Interactive Polling

Fully Stacked
Administrative Dashboard

Secure Platform Login Credentials
Secure Event Login Credentials
Agenda Builder
Registration Database
Analytics + Downloadable Reports

SMART Tools For Speaker Management

Speaker Bios + Photos
Downloadable Content
Breakout Meeting Rooms [4]
Sponsor Meeting Rooms [4]
(Max of 6 Sales Reps)
Networking Meeting Rooms [6]
Great Support

above & beyond

01. A Superior Branded Experience

Only Metavent can deliver a fully-branded environment to host your event. Put your business at the forefront & craft experiences that simply cannot be missed.

02. Put Your Team in the Driver's Seat

Get feedback, analytics and tracking behavior across the entire event. Integrate CTAs that really speak to your audience, and stimulate attendee engagement.

03. Engage Guests Like Never Before

Drive profound connections with interactive features. No more passive attendees — the Metavent is wondrous, immersive and interactive every step of the way.

04. Easy & Effective For Partners

Custom logins for partner dashboard — easy and secure access for everyone with the right credentials. Screen sharing to achieve seamless collaboration.


Unlimited Events

Found an event format that works? Hit the ground running as you deploy this format, drawing upon data to fine-tune and hone event performance. Innovate when you need to, and implement tried and tested models when you don't. You don't always need to reinvent the wheel — leverage Metavent's COPY EVENT feature to easily replicate your dream event template over and over again.


Cinematic 3D Visuals & VIRTUAL Venues

Spellbind your audience with virtual visuals and venues that smash expectations. Leverage creative features and tools that support profound impact and provide total audience immersion. Achieve a cinematic experience for your attendees, crafting once-in-a-lifetime virtual events — events that shine brightly in the moment and live on in memory.


"Day Of" Flexibility

You've got your plan, your strategy, your schedule, and you're pretty happy with it. But then — last-minute changes, swift alterations, a tuning here and there — and you feel those stress levels start to rise again. Don't panic. Metavent is designed to support formidable agility and flexibility for your events — make turn-on-a-dime, data-supported changes without interrupting your flow.


Hybrid Events

The event landscape is evolving, but in-person experiences still have a critical role to play. Enter — the hybrid event. Connect with in-person attendees and support incredible virtual experiences for those who can't travel. Do all of this without the stress and expense with Metavent and our innovative approach to hybridization.


Insights for Event Teams

No more stress. Just agile events that provide unprecedented value to attendees, and that allow you to wow your audience in ways they never could have predicted. Analyze past events and bring different departments together as you hone your strategy for the future. Achieve all this with speed and efficiency with Metavent's powerful data insights.


Real-Time Data and Lead Capture

Never stop learning. Get to know your audience. Give them what they want, what they need, and a little bit of what they didn't expect. Then, measure your ROI with new customer data and refine your lead generation for your next event, the one after that, and way, way beyond.


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