Metavent’s unique platform was a solution crafted by event planners. We have more than 300 years of combined event experience and understand how to deliver engagement at corporate events. We know how to drive impact and connectivity through the use of design – high-impact visuals, audio and video, strategic event flow and surprise and delight moments which capture attention and drive curiosity.

With Metavent, we partner with your events team to guide you through how to craft your events channel and design the creative assets which showcase your brand throughout all your in-house events. Our event producers are skilled live-event masters, helping your team to leverage platform features and functionality before and during your events.

Together we drive success – and new business.


Anna Rembold

Founder & President

Anna Marie sets the strategic and creative vision for the firm. She has nearly 30 years of experience supporting executive teams realize their vision and leading teams to meet corporate goals. She brings an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindset to all she does.

Dan Banick

Chief Technology Officer

Technology strategist. Engineering and systems oversight. Engineering security and risk management.

Louise Glasgow

Chief Operating Officer

Louiseā€™s career spans 35 years and reflects her exceptional success in delivering complex conferences and events both domestically and internationally.

Aimee Donovan

Head of Account Management

Over 20 years in Account Management specializing in conference, tradeshow and event production.

Doug Bailen

Technologist & 3-D Designer

Doug is an exhibit and event designer respectful of the artistry of an experience while never forgetting the importance of the strategic moving pieces and the value of thoughtful data.

Tami Jo Benson

Product Development

9 years of event production experience focusing on team culture, organization, and attendee experience.

Michael Harrington

Executive Digital Producer

Michael is a digital production maverick with over 20 years of experience managing and creating digital content and activation for corporate productions and conferences.

Kathi Lunardi

Event Manager

Kathi is an organizational wunderkind with a knack for knowing and delivering on client needs; she pairs wide experience in the corporate and non-profit world with a passion for perfect events.